“It is more than worth the effort to keep designing anew.
It is absolutely essential.
Design achieves change. It is truly architecture’s fountain of youth.
It keeps the thinking fresh; the ideas new; the outcome original; and the art vibrant.”


James Theimer

Principal Architect

Talent is not enough.  James believes that persistence and persuasion remain the architect’s most useful tools, and neither works without the other.  That belief plus a continued passion for new opportunities and interesting clients provide James with his continued motivation for design.

You can find out the specifics of James’ professional qualifications by reading his CV, but really all you need to know is that this architect believes in clients, community and creativity.

Curriculum Vitae

Todd McEfee
Associate Architect

Todd is now in his 24th year with Trilogy, and in that time he has become the ultimate “closer” when it comes to project documentation. You would be hard pressed to find a more qualified architect when it comes to providing the experience and understanding necessary for the complex projects here at Trilogy. But much more than just a licensed architect, Todd embodies the philosophy here that art MUST work to have any chance at being exceptional. And he’s a wonderful designer as well.

Joshua Cuthbertson
Architectural Designer

What can you say about Josh? With high energy and a higher level of enthusiasm you won’t easily find elsewhere, this Wyoming native always keeps us hopping with his new ideas – on everything from design to marketing to client relations. Now in his 8th year with Trilogy, Josh is LEED accredited, experienced in custom residential design, and well on his way to becoming a licensed architect. Accomplished at all levels of design – whether the project is large or small – Josh is currently our “go-to guy” for project development.

Erin Riley
Architectural Designer

A University of Massachusetts graduate with a Master’s of Architecture degree, Erin also spent a semester studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. Now in her second year with Trilogy, she possesses a unique blend of design and administrative skills we believe are well suited to our design studio. Beyond those skills, Erin now has responsibility for managing both our LEED certification and 3-D printing.

Sunnie Noellert
Business Manager

Let’s be honest; architects are known more for their creativity than their organizational skills. Enter Sunnie, who, with her extensive business experience and financial skill set, provides our firm with the utmost in professionalism. She handles the “behind-the scenes” workload that supports all of our efforts to create the designs that define our firm. And if that wasn‘t enough, she’s a pleasure to work with for our clients and consultants alike.

Chief Morale Officer

Even if you love what you do, everyone needs an occasional morale boost. Enter Murdoch, our eight year old golden retriever, official greeter, wastebasket checker – for food – and overall happy dog. Murdoch makes every day just a little more interesting, except, of course on those days when he‘s hanging out at the beach, where frankly, he’d rather be. Go figure.