Joshua Cuthbertson
Managing Partner & Principal Architect

From a young age, Josh has pursued becoming an architect. Inspired by his grandfather’s designs for oil shale retorts and his ability to design a building with high efficiency for a process, he knew he wanted to create something that his future grandchildren could be proud of. The idea that architecture can change how we live, work, and interact with the world around us has lead to a passionate career in the field.

Gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design and a Masters of Architecture degree from Montana State University, Josh began his career and Trilogy Architecture in 2008. Over the years he learned the ins and outs of design, construction, business development and client relations. His passion has revealed a leader in the field and a desire to create architecture with impact for ongoing generations.

Now the Managing Partner and Principal Architect for Trilogy Architecture, Josh provides leadership and direction for the firm.

Joshua Scott Chang

Joshua is a tenacious dream maker with the staying power to bring imaginative ideas into reality.  He assists Trilogy on strategic development, investments, building alliances and leads the Advisory Board.  As a fourth generation entrepreneur, Joshua has over 30 years of experience in international business.  He has served as an investor and co-founder in entrepreneurial ventures and has participated on the boards of several Nonprofit organizations.  He travels internationally to work with other entrepreneurs and leaders to be a bridge for them to achieve their visions.

Joshua enjoys skiing, motorcycling, fencing and reading.  A graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison with majors in International Relations and Economics; he received a dual International MBA degree from both Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He holds a certificate in Executive Coaching from the Center of Creative Leadership.

James Theimer

Talent is not enough.  James believes that persistence and persuasion remain the architect’s most useful tools, and neither works without the other.  That belief plus a continued passion for new opportunities and interesting clients provide James with his continued motivation for design.

You can find out the specifics of James’ professional qualifications by reading his CV, but really all you need to know is that this architect believes in clients, community and creativity.

Curriculum Vitae

Haydee Chang
Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) & Designer 

Haydee’s experience and deep interests lie in Education, Technology and the Arts.  Haydee’s role is to create innovative business solutions by integrating design, technology and consulting to further Trilogy’s vision.  Her professional experience covers international program management, network design and systems architecture.  She worked with Accenture for eight years and was part of the founding team working with a Managing Partner for the Network Service Line of Business from inception.  The practice grew to $640 million in annual revenue within the first 4 years. Haydee specialized in the future design and architecture of advanced data/voice networks and Next Generation services. Her clients include Bank of America, SBC Telecom, Time Telecom of Malaysia, Silicon Valley Consortium Project and Marsh and McLennan – New York.  She transitioned to the Nonprofit and Education sectors working with World Vision, Art Institute of Chicago, and Private Schools.  She was a 2005 Education Pioneers graduate fellow working with SchoolWorks, an Educational Consulting firm in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Haydee enjoys spending time with her husband and four boys, oil painting, nature, skiing and is an avid tea drinker.  She has lived, worked and traveled internationally in Europe and Asia.  She volunteers her time teaching art at the local Montessori school and serving as a Board Member for the Theater Booster Club at Redding School of the Arts.  Haydee has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University and studied at Northwestern University for her Masters in Education and Social Policy with an emphasis on Learning and Behavior.

Todd McEfee
Associate Architect

Todd is now in his 26th year with Trilogy, and in that time he has become the ultimate “closer” when it comes to project documentation. You would be hard pressed to find a more qualified architect when it comes to providing the experience and understanding necessary for the complex projects here at Trilogy. But much more than just a licensed architect, Todd embodies the philosophy here that art MUST work to have any chance at being exceptional. And he’s a wonderful designer as well.

Bryson Schreder
Design Associate

Bryson joins us after receiving his B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and spending some time in construction on the Central Coast.  Raised in Northern California, he returns home with excitement for the future of Redding, and he is eager to be a contributing voice in our firm’s wide range of projects.  Bryson has experience at various levels of product, furniture, and home craftsmanship and is happy to get behind the drafting board, so to speak, and work with us on our community oriented designs.

Erin Riley
Design Associate

A University of Massachusetts graduate with a Master’s of Architecture degree, Erin also spent a semester studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. Now in her 4th year with Trilogy, she possesses a unique blend of design skills we believe are well suited to our studio. Beyond those skills, Erin now has responsibility for managing our internal sustainability review process.

Chief Morale Officer, in memoriam

Even if you love what you do, everyone needs an occasional morale boost. Enter Murdoch, until 2018, our official greeter, wastebasket checker – for food – and overall happy dog. Murdoch made every day just a little more interesting, except, of course on those days when he was hanging out at the beach, where frankly, he preferred to be. We’ll miss you, always.