We welcome you to visit our favorite local resource for what’s going on in and around Redding, California these days.  Following is an excerpt from the second part of our article on the new Redding School of the Arts:

I have said in the past that for us to “get it”, we need to see examples of what is possible.  That’s where the Redding School of the Arts comes in to play.  Designed as a virtual clearinghouse of eco-friendly ideas, it literally has something for everyone.  Green is not an all-or-nothing proposition.  If we all contribute in a small way, big improvements can occur in our planet’s health.  So, this school is being designed to be copied (and improved upon) in any way possible.  But in order to make it really easy to take the ideas being offered and use them in other places, we have decided to make ourselves very obvious, whether you are an everyday user or just a one-time visitor.  We want ot “hit you over the head” with the proverbial hammer.  It’s wonderful to build an environmentally advanced building, but its eco-friendly features need to be transparent to all those who travel through its hallways. – A News Cafe