Lew French  is our staff’s pick for Today’s Featured Artist.  He moved to Martha’s Vineyard over twenty years ago and has worked on his own stone designs exclusively since. His work has been featured in the New York Times, House Beautiful, The Boston Globe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Metropolitan Home.

 “I had just turned nineteen when I first used stone in a building project.  I sensed that there was something special about stone, but I did not begin to realize its full potential until I built a black limestone exterior chimney about three years later.  While working on the chimney, the full force of the stone’s power and energy hit me.  It was an awakening.  I remember to this day going to the quarry, handpicking the stones to be used, mixing the cement powder with the washed sand to make the concrete to hold the stones in place.  I was doing all the work myself, putting in twelve-hour days of backbreaking labor.  At night I would find myself in bed, exhausted from the day’s work in the hot sun but still unable to fall asleep, just lying there on my back.  I waited anxiously for daybreak so I could go back to work and lay more stone, thoughts racing through my mind, excited about the hypnotic energy that the emerging patterns of stones were creating.” – Lew French, from his book Stone by Design

Watch a video of this amazing artist:

All Photographs of Lew’s artistry are courtesy of Alison Shaw.