An Urban Kit of Parts

Downtown Redding Street Elements

Perhaps no phrase is used more often by architects than “Kit of Parts”. It’s used to describe individual objects than can be moved around depending on need. Well, we think the term fits with our long time downtown strategy of designing public street elements such as light poles, benches and signage, all of a similar style. The idea is that taken together, these could work to create a stronger identity for a Redding downtown that most in our community felt was lacking in any strong tradition. The trick was to create an identify that was unique to this community, and to do that, we enlisted the help of community members to work with us in design workshops.

The result was a light pole designed – in part by the community – to reflect a railroad prominent in the downtown. The benches and tree well material is cast concrete to honor the Shasta Dam, so important to the history of this community. But, most importantly, we listened when it was suggested we look toward the future – and not the past – when interpreting what those forms should represent. In the end, these elements are intended to provide a nod to the history of this community, while looking forward to the future development of a modern city.


  • Client: Redding Redevelopment Agency
  • Location: Downtown Redding, California
  • Date Completed: Ongoing