Combating Community Indifference

Affordable Housing Game

Sometimes you have to resort to the unconventional when dealing with social issues that seem insurmountable.   And sometimes, as architects we need to insert ourselves into the discussion in ways other than simply designing buildings. In November of 2004 Trilogy helped to form the Community Housing Collaborative to discuss strategies to deal with the housing crisis in Shasta County, California. One of the biggest problems we faced was apathy – few wanted to take the time to discuss what most felt was an unsolvable problem.   So, we decided to create a game – complete with instructions – to illustrate the problems with the “gap” that exists between existing housing and what was needed. In November, 2005, we played the “GAP” game with community members as a tool for use in identifying specific community housing priorities. Out of that meeting emerged a strong consensus to pursue pre-fabricated housing solutions. And eleven years later, we have created the first prefabricated house prototype here in Shasta County.


  • Client: Community Housing Collaborative
  • Location: Shasta County, California
  • Date Completed: 2004