Summer Safety

Camp Morasha Health Center

Growing camp attendance and an aging health clinic make for a bad combination.   This Pennsylvania Jewish summer camp desperately needed a new modern facility. At the same time, our client was looking to establish a theme for future campus building improvements, and wanted this to signal that change. Budget was also a concern, as an earlier attempt to build this clinic had proven too expensive. We proposed two adjoining structures – one for a clinic and the other for sick children as well as sleeping quarters for staff families – to reduce the visual impact of the new nearly 8,000 square foot footprint. Multiple structures meant less significant grading, which in turn reduced construction costs. The budget was met, as well as a very tight timeframe for construction, and there is only an occasional complaint that the final product might be just a little too nice!


  • Client: Camp Morasha
  • Size:
  • Location: Lake Como, Pennsylvania
  • Date Completed: 2016