A New Style for Downtown

Downtown Streets Catalog

We learned from our previous work on a new downtown plan for Redding that the community was hungry to be involved in its revitalization. The Redding Redevelopment Agency recognized this, and again tapped Trilogy to lead a group of architects in a mostly donated effort. Our goal was to create a theme for downtown rooted in the history of this community. To achieve that, we enlisted the help of a community task force. Through a series of workshops, forty or so community volunteers worked with us to create the “kit of parts” of streetscape elements that can now be seen throughout downtown, most notably on Market and Yuba Streets. A custom designed light pole based on the railroad – so integral to Redding’s history – is just one example of how this community used its unique history to reimagine its future downtown.


  • Client: Redding Redevelopment Agency
  • Location: Downtown Redding
  • Date completed: 1997