Redding School of the Arts

With the decision in 2007 by a locally based philanthropic foundation to fund its new school campus, that vision led to defining characteristics that would create a state-of-the-art facility that itself would pioneer learning and a connection to the environment. The first new school campus in the world to be awarded LEED for Schools 2009 Platinum certification, RSA has been designed with a balance between traditional design elements and innovative technology concepts.

LEED’s highest certification, however, is only a starting point. With this school, decisions have been consistently made to explore as many examples of environmentally friendly ideas as possible for student learning opportunities, even when those decisions haven’t necessarily contributed to the LEED scorecard. Opening in fall of 2011, this building has already been incorporated into the teaching curriculum as “a tool for teaching green”, for its children, parents and teachers, as well as the local community and beyond.

To date, the school has received numerous regional and national awards, including the  prestigious 2012 Design Excellence Award from the American Institute of Architects. Jurors remarked, “This project may best capture the spirit of innovation in design.”