A Real Conversation Piece

Redding School of the Arts Library

The library design for the Redding School of the Arts is really a project within a project, with its own very specific program requirements. Because story time is a major focus for the younger children, we created a sloped seating area centered around a librarian’s reading chair. And because students asked us for “private” spaces for them to both read and study, we created small cubbies centered under a structure we call the “spaceship”. Why a brightly colored “spaceship”? Because the number one thing students asked us to create for their library is an exciting and inspiring space, a place where imagination has no limits.

Photos ©2011 Steve Whittaker


  • Client: The McConnell Foundation
  • Location: Redding, California
  • Date Completed: 2011


  • Certified Platinum under LEED for Schools v2009