Move Your H.U.T.T.

Shasta Humanity Project

Since 2004, we have been working within our studio to develop a realistic concept for an affordable, environmentally friendly housing unit that is very small in size. For ten years this was a project without a client, at least until the Shasta Humanity Project came to us with their desire to create a transitional housing community for the homeless. We still weren’t getting paid, but suddenly we could imagine our vision being carried out. The first H.U.T.T. prototype – Habitable Unit That’s Transportable – has now been successfully completed. It’s designed to transport on a modified 8 x 20 foot trailer, with pods that can be extended outward when in a parked position, and a fold-down front porch.   The construction of a second prototype is moving forward with revisions based on lessons learned from the previous construction. There are still hurdles to clear in developing the housing project, but we now have a workable design.  That means we’re getting closer to the realization of a dream we’ve had for over a decade – true affordability in micro-housing.


  • Client: Shasta Humanity Project
  • Size: 207 square feet
  • Location: Redding, California
  • Date completed: 2016


  • Extremely efficient interior space utilization minimizes energy use