One Project at a Time

Ma'ayanot High School Project Based Plan

As a rule, we have found independent schools rarely have the time or the funds to engage in an extensive exercise to create a master plan for future improvements. Yet they know they need to plan how best to use their limited capital funds to attract students to an educational environment that is constantly being improved. To meet this need, our studio has developed what we call a Project-Based Plan. We create a menu of individual project designs – each able to be completed in the brief summer between school years – together with a budget for each. The client then has the opportunity to prioritize where their funds will have the greatest impact. This process has worked well, as the school was not only able to realize several important improvements, but plan for future years as well.


  • Client: Maya'anot Yeshiva High School
  • Location: Teaneck, New Jersey
  • Date Completed: 2014