A New Plan for Downtown

Redding Downtown Plan

What do you say when you are offered the opportunity to provide “a lot of free work” to help start the revitalization of a downtown? In our case, it was a resounding yes. With a lot of help from fellow local architects, we met with supporters in regular meetings for six months, to explore how to best improve life in Redding’s depressed downtown core. Creating an imaginary game of “Reddingopoly” was just one example of the creative strategies we employed to explain how best to move forward with the development of downtown. Ironically, it was suggested by the planning department that we avoid the covered downtown mall in our recommendations. But since we were volunteers, we were happy to ignore that “advice”. Our final plan became the basis for many new improvements in downtown over the next decade. Marketfest, the remaking of Market Street, Library Park, and the Cascade Theatre restoration are just a few of the projects that happened. All were funded at least in part by redevelopment monies that was redirected as a result of our plan. And of course, we can’t forget the eventual removal of the roof over the mall, which was our primary recommendation.


  • Client: Redding Redevelopment Agency
  • Location: Downtown Redding, California
  • Date Completed: 1996