An Attitude Adjustment

Seasons at Los Robles

This project arose from the urgent need for quality affordable housing within the City of Anderson combined with a desire by the city to remove an existing dilapidated apartment complex. 

“The property, then called Anderson Oak, ‘was a den of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana,’ recalls Scott Morgan, city manager for Anderson. ‘Twenty percent of our calls for police service came out of this one apartment complex.’ The drug raid was the last straw for the city, which was fed up with the property’s devastating effects on the entire area.”   -Excerpt from an article in Multifamily Executive Magazine, written by Rachel Azoff-

Enter LINC Housing, who in partnership with the City of Anderson, agreed to rehabilitate the apartment complex into senior housing, selecting Trilogy as the architect. Our solution was to combine demolition of some of the units (and subsequent replacement with a new building structure), with renovation of the balance of units in order to create an economical cost basis for the entire project. The design was a blend of new and old, with parking rearranged to create a campus feeling for the apartment complex.   The addition of a new community center and outdoor plaza arranged around heritage oak trees resulted in new amenities to the site and completed the makeover. You’ve heard of addition by subtraction; this was subtraction by addition. We subtracted a bad drug environment by adding some badly needed improvements.


  • Client: LINC Housing
  • Size: 59 units
  • Cost: $7.7 million
  • Location: Anderson, California
  • Date Completed: 2005


  • Adaptive reuse of an existing apartment complex into senior housing