A Rest Break

McConnell Foundation Trail Restrooms

Consistent with our mission to provide quality design whenever given the opportunity, we enjoy working on small projects as well as large ones. And who hasn’t complained at some point about the unattractive design of public restrooms? When this philanthropic foundation located their new headquarters on a sprawling ranch property more than a decade ago, they decided to include a trail system open to the public. When it was later decided by them to add public restrooms at the head of the trail, they asked us to design those facilities in the same style as their main building. Natural stone and copper roofing are not typical restroom finishes, but here they feel completely appropriate. One change from the original building was made, however; wood siding was eliminated in favor of siding more durable when exposed to the northern California climate.


  • Client: The McConnell Foundation
  • Location: Redding, California
  • Date Completed: 2004