A Gathering Spot

Shelter Cove Community Center

With just over 800 residents, you could expect that any new community project would ensure a lively debate – and in this case you would be correct. However, while members of this coastal community might be outspoken when it comes to what is needed for this new community center, they all agree it will be a welcome addition to their lives. Designed with conference and meeting space, a kitchen, library and children’s play area, this facility has something for everyone. And in keeping with our on-going work to connect our buildings to the outdoor envronment, rooms will not only benefit from steady cross ventilation breezes, but actually open to the outdoors when the weather permits – which is often in this moderate coastal California climate.

With a design to power the building completely with photo-voltaic roof-mounted panels, this will not only be a space where friends can gather, but a place that is friendly to the environment.


  • Client: Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District
  • Size: 8000 square feet
  • Location: Shelter Cove, California
  • Estimated Completion: 2018


  • Designed for 100% energy generation through photo-voltaic panels