A Contemporary Cabin

Custom Home

When we are approached to design a new home, we always begin by talking to our clients about their priorities. The one word used by our client here most often to describe his proposed new home was “cabin feeling”. But as we learned through the design process, this client’s idea of a cabin is anything but traditional. With a large expanse of glass oriented toward the view, concrete floors, and metal roofing, this would be a home with a decidedly contemporary feeling. Creating self-sufficiency was equally important to our client, resulting in an off-the-grid design that is sited to maximize views and take advantage of passive cooling techniques while being 100% solar-powered.

And with those decisions, this is indeed a cabin; large enough to be a permanent home, and yet small enough to feel like a weekend retreat.


  • Location: California
  • Project Size: 1595 square feet
  • Date completed: 2018


  • Off-the grid, 100% powered by solar panels with battery backup banks supplemented with a propane generator