A “Commons” Thread

Rumson Country Day School

This thriving independent school is constantly looking for ways to best utilize all the space on its large campus in New Jersey. So it was no surprise to us when they approached us to convert some underused areas into common areas for different age groups. Our solution, planned for implementation in the summer of 2017, is based on three new areas for 1st through 6th grade.   Included in our design is a new Lego Maker Space, movable soft seat cushions, a combination bench/stage, marker boards and large screen TV. When you really think about it, this school has a great idea – take “leftover” space and create a “lively” place outside the classroom where kids can read, play, create, and just be themselves.



  • Client: Rumson Country Day School
  • Location: Rumson, New Jersey
  • Estimated Completion: Summer, 2017