Past Employees and What They Say About Us

Emily Applekamp

One of the first things that stood out to me about the philosophy at Trilogy was that while I started out young and inexperienced, I was encouraged to take risks, and that any failures were learning experiences that resulted in being a stronger designer. I really admired that value was placed on not just pushing out projects, but investing in the staff to build a strong team that produced great work. James’ uphill battle of doing contemporary work in a relatively conservative town is admirable, and something I think everyone in the studio rallies behind.

The studio culture was one of my favorite aspects of my time at Trilogy. Architecture can be incredibly stressful, but James does a great job of managing the mood of the studio; whether it be with games of arcade hoops or gathering everyone around for story time, which always seemed to strike the perfect balance of being entertaining, but also incorporating one (or more!) of his famous “teaching moments”. While I ultimately realized I wanted to pursue a career other than architecture, I will always be appreciative of my time at Trilogy, happy with the friendships formed, and really proud of all the work we produced.




Christel Sam

I worked at Trilogy Architecture for a few years. James and Todd are very creative and experienced architects and I learned so very many things from them. As a matter of fact the whole team is very thoughtful and caring. I have worked at many other places, all very different and interesting, and working at Trilogy Architecture has shown me what design is all about and has definitely raised my expectations on architectural practice standards.



Jennifer Peris Murgatroy

I came to work for Trilogy Architecture within a year of getting my Architecture degree. James and crew made me feel like an important part of the team right away. I had my hands in every aspect of the process, learned a ton, and felt valued even as a young intern just starting out. Everything this team does, they do with a passion for innovation and for improving people’s lives. Trilogy Architecture will always hold a special place in my heart!