Golden State Architect

By Mark Robins, Senior

California-based architect James Theimer thrives on metal’s sustainability and usability

Back in the 1990’s, architect James Theimer, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, was working on a project with a very elaborate design.  When the pricing came in, the client didn’t feel comfortable going forward with the project.  To remedy this, Theimer made slight modifications to the design and created a series of interlocking metal buildings, then clad them in exotic materials.  He gave it a series of interlocking metal roofs.  Theimer’s firm saved a substantial amount of money and kept the design along the lines with what the owner liked.  Not only was the client pleased, but it was submitted to the AIA and won an award for it’s design.  AIA judges thought it was “a clever use of what is typically seen as a warehouse type structure.”

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